Motorcycle Events: MDA Rides Across America


Labor Day is just around the corner, which means  the annual MDA Telethon will be viewed by millions of people throughout this great country.

Motorcycle rides to benefit MDA have been planned and taking place all summer long throughout the country. The 24th Annual Ride for Life, one of the nations largest annual MDA Charity Ride, took place this past April in Philadelphia, PA.  Boasting of 1200 motorcycle riders from all over Pennsylvania and surrounding states gathering to support the MDA cause. Rides have been taking place from Cumberland, RI to Grand Junction, CO to Bakersfield, CA and many more locations across the United States.


Motorcycles of Yesteryear: In The Beginning

Sylvester Howard Ropers’ Steam Cycle

In 1867 American Sylvester Howard Roper, from Roxbury, MA., built a motorcycle powered by a coal fired two cylinder steam-engine. The chassis of the Roper Motorcycle was based on the “bone-crusher” bicycles of the early 1800′s.


Daimler & Haybachs’ Riding Car

In 1885 inventors Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Haybach, from Bad Cannstatt (Stutgart), Germany, invented what is considered to be the first motorcycle. Gottlieb and Haybach called their invention the Retwagen (“Riding Car”).



Motorcycle Care: Pre-Ride Check

Perform That Pre-Ride Check – IT’S A MUST!

All motorcycle riders should perform a pre-ride check prior to every ride. You don’t need to be a qualified mechanic to perform the TCLOCK pre-ride inspection.

  • T – Tires & Wheels
  • C – Controls
  • L – Lights & Electric
  • O – Oil & Fuel
  • C – Chassis
  • K – Kickstand


T – Check your tire pressures, add or remove air to achieve the manufacturers suggested tire inflation specs.

C – Check your throttle, front and rear brakes, clutch and shifter for proper operation.

L – Check your lights; brake, running, directional and headlight for proper operation. Also check your control switches and horn.

O – Check your oil, fuel and brake fluid levels.

C – Check your chassis for cracks and broken welds.

K – Check to make sure your kickstand is up and that it is secure.

You should also make sure that you can turn the handlebars from side to side without any kind of interference and the handlebars don’t make contact with the fuel tank. Check under your motorcycle for any fluid leeks.



What’s Hot & What’s Not: A Veggie Oil Powered Motorcycle

What’s Hot?

I believe the hugest benefit of a veggie oil (biodiesel) powered motorcycle engine would be the fuel efficiency, in some instances achieving 100 to 150 mpg at an approximate cost of $1.00 per gallon (prices may vary). Another huge benefit is going “Green” by using recycled cooking oil.

What’s Not?

The largest drawback in my mind would be the excessive weight of a diesel engine, which could create handling issues. Also used cooking oil thickens when it cools creating an issue that has to be overcome.

The following companies have or are producing diesel powered motorcycles; the Track T-800CDI by E.V.A. Products BV, the Sommer Diesel 462 by Sommer Motorradtechnik, the M1030M1 by Hayes Diversified Technologies, the Thunder Star 1200 TDI by Star Twin, and the Neander 1400 by Neander Motors,


Motorcycling Today: A Different Look In Three-Wheelers

Can-Am Spyder Roadster

The Can-Am Spyder Roadster, a new and different look for the three-wheeled motorcycle market, was introduced in the US in February of 2007. It is built by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), a Canadian manufacturer.


This rather unorthodox looking motorcycle has turned heads in surprise, brought smiles to faces, sometimes laughter and definately stired curiosity to onlookers as it passes by.

The Spyder is powered by an Austrian built liquid-cooled, 990cc DOHC V-Twin engine. Some of it’s features are power steering, a five speed manual transmission along with stability and traction control .